Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yes I'm Female, Pro-Choice and Pro-McCain

Recent commentaries have stated that women will not support Senator McCain because he is pro-life. Well believe it or not, some girls can process more than one issue at a time. This sort of attitude that only an idiot could be concerned about women’s issues and vote McCain, is short-sighted not helpful. Hot Air reports that even Senator Obama when addressing Clinton supporters stated,
If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it.”
Reiterating that sort of, 'only an idiot' perspective.

So how can I be pro-choice and pro-McCain? First, the number of people affected by the 'choice vs. life' issue is relatively small. While I personally feel that this is no place for the government to be imposing its will on the individual; I also recognize that some people like Senator McCain genuinely see this as a human rights issue. One of the things I admire about Senator McCain is his outstanding human rights record. Therefore I can accept that this is a difference of opinion. I don't buy the argument that being pro-life makes them anti-women. I also disagree with Senator McCain on education, but that doesn't make him anti-child. Finally, I have never heard Senator McCain preach morality. He isn't at the far edge of the pro-life movement talking down to women who have made this decision. He's even taken heat from some conservatives for not being divisive enough on this issue.

Issues that trump his pro-life stance for me are experience, his ability to work across the aisle, his coherent and substantive foreign policy, his on going fight against wasteful spending, and his backbone in standing up to people when fighting for what he believes in. So I don't agree with Senator McCain on all the issues including choice, so what? I base my vote on a myriad of issues, and the idea that all a candidate has to do is be pro-choice to win my vote is ridiculous.


jbjd said...

With all due respect Senator Obama, your efforts to dissuade me from voting for Senator McCain by raising concerns about my control over a fetus will fail for as long as the life of this mother is jeopardized due to your ill-conceived incendiary foreign policy blunders.

Anonymous said...

work across the "aisle"

kmorrison said...

Thanks Max - I guess working across the islands isn't all that important ;)

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see your excellent post.

Obama seems so arrogant.

Just say NO! to an Obama nation!

NO! Obama!

a NObama WordPress Blog contributor said...

Thanks for letting me know about your articles; I really enjoyed both of them! Thanks also for commenting on my blog

gmillies said...
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YoMamaisObama said...

Wow, you people are delusional.

Not only is McCain going to prevent you from your right to choose, but he is also going to take your childrens life away as he uses them as pawns in wars in Iran and the perpetual conflict in Iraq.

Why are you only focusing on the abortion issue? It's so much worse than that. The man is a war monger, knows nothing about the economy, has no plans for any sort of universal healthcare, and is going to continue with the policies that make the rich richer and the middle and lower class poorer. You know, I know it, but your fervent love for all things Hillary are distorting your view.

Wake up people, wake the F up!!

Can all of you at least make one promise to all of us trying to get the country back to where it was 8 years ago? When you get McCain elected and you realize what a horrible mistake it was, please do not blame Obama or anyone else other than yourself.

kmorrison said...

Yo - The issue of the article is whether someone should vote based on choice. If that is the one issue you want to decide on that is certainly is your right. However, for many people that is not the only issue that matters, and many people disagree with your take on foreign policy and other issues. All the article is saying is that there is more than one type of choice to make here before casting your vote.

YoMamaisObama said...

Obama and Clinton are so much more alike in every aspect than Clinton is to McCain.

I guess I am at a loss as to why Clinton supporters have now switched to McCain. If you've liked McCain from the get go, I can respect that and your choice. However, if you've been a Clinton supporter and now say you like McCain, I don't buy it. There is an ulterior motive behind it.

Look at the voting records of Hillary vs. McCain. How come all of the sudden Clinton supporters who so admirably fought for her with passion and good intentions, now are thinking of voting for something completely opposite?

kmorrison said...

I can certainly appreciate that Obama supporters could feel frustrated if they perceive Clinton supporters are not backing Obama for superficial reasons, but I'd argue two points. One that there is a continum of beliefs from liberal to conservative, and that people break differently along that line regardless of party. For instance, I tend to like moderate Republicans, but when a cadidate reaches a certain level of conservativism I'll almost always vote Democrat.

Second, a cadidate's experience level plays a role in voting in a way that is hard to quantify; and that may be playing a role in Clinton supporters decision too.