Thursday, June 26, 2008

Huckabee Help

Governor Huckabee wrote an article and made several appearances talking about how McCain supporters/Republicans should challenge Senator Obama on issues and public statements and not delve into dirty campaigning or Internet rumors. This is excellent advice. Senator Obama's numerous contradictory statements provide plenty of material to challenge him on, there is no need for gossip.

Governor Huckabee not only provides excellent advise, but he arises again as a truly unique and interesting political figure. Senator McCain is routinely criticized for not embracing evangelical Republicans, but Governor Huckabee is obvious exception. Even when the primaries were at their most contentious it was obvious that Huckabee and McCain simply liked each other. Governor Huckabee has an interesting appeal. His tact has been very respectful and filled with good humor. It appears his appeal even reaches people with different political beliefs. While this isn't intended as a VP prediction, it does seem that Governor Huckabee could play an important role in the election of Senator McCain. I hope Governor Huckabee will continue with his good advice and good humor, and become an important partner in the McCain campaign.

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Goon said...

That is all great and dandy but the people running the Obama campaign are going to be slinging some serious mud.