Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain a Logical Moderate Energy Policy

Senator McCain has taken heat for changing his position on allowing off-shore drilling. It's fair that politicians have their feet held to the fire when they change a position. However, this is a change that makes sense. America is in a position where it desperately needs to find new sources of energy to avoid long term damage to the economy. Senator McCain has taken a moderate positions that angers some on both sides of the issue. Some want more drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, some want less as they see off-shore drilling as an environmental risk.

However, regular Americans know something politicians often forget, compromise is good. The public doesn't want the environment harmed, yet they are very aware of the need for more oil. Drilling not only provides another energy source, but simply allowing drilling off-shore can reduce prices as the speculation of an oil shortage, that effects current prices, would be reduced. Senator McCain's long-term plan recognizes the need for additional forms of clean energy, and he has focuses on development of these sources as the long-term solution, while also addressing American's immediate need for energy.

An excerpt from John McCain's Energy Policy.
John McCain Believes That It Is Time For The Federal Government To Allow States And Localities To Open Their Oil Reserves On The Outer Continental Shelf. The Federal Government has prohibited oil and gas leasing on most of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) since the 1980s. Congress has enacted OCS leasing moratoria every year since 1982 allowing leasing only in the Gulf of Mexico (except near Florida) and parts of Alaska. In 1990, a presidential directive ordered the Department of the Interior not to conduct offshore leasing or preleasing activity in areas and President Clinton extended the offshore leasing prohibition until 2012. John McCain believes we should lift the federal moratorium on these areas and allow the local stakeholders and states decide whether or not they would like to allow exploration in these areas.

Over Time, John McCain Believes That We Must Reform Our Entire Energy Economy Toward A Sustainable Mix Of New And Cleaner Power Sources. One of the prevailing issues of our time and the next presidency will be how to deal with the issue of global warming. It is important that we shift to sustainable, clean burning energy sources or advance to technologies that make our more traditional resources cleaner burning.


Anonymous said...

No, what America needs is to stop using so much damn energy in the first place in order to prevent long-term damage to the planet, no matter what fuel we're using.

The New Conservative said...

Why can't Liberals get this, we need energy now while working to get off oil ASAP. If we drill the price of oil will drop. Until alternative energy is affordable for everyone we need oil.