Monday, June 2, 2008

McCain Treats Senator Clinton Better Than Obama and the Press

Senator McCain today again stated his respect for Senator Clinton and the race she has run. This comes a couple of days after he expressed his disgust for the comments made by Father Pfleger, and it was reported in the news as being a statement of political convenience. However, I'm a New Hampshire Independent and this is something he has saying been saying all year as different individuals have made borderline or rude comments about Senator Clinton. People should go back and check out the Republican debate where all the candidates lined up to take a shot at Senator Clinton, and Senator McCain was the only one to voice his respect for her. Granted he followed that with a criticism of one of her earmarks, but he's never taken pot-shots at her like many others did. Shortly after that debate he had a meeting with a large room of supporter in NH, which I attended. There was no press, and no obligation for him to make any reference to Senator Clinton, yet he started his meeting by saying how he respects her and would not be participating in the sort of politics that tears people down, then said 'You know we have to remember this is all about love.' Now, I don't mean to impugn Republicans, but that is something I never thought I'd hear a Republican say, particularly during a presidential campaign. Everyone applauded and I was close to becoming the crazy lady in the back jumping up and down, as this one of my major political gripes.

So are these posts/comments politically opportunistic? Sure, but they aren't new and he was saying them when people on the right were posting pictures of him laughing with Senator Clinton and decrying it as evidence that he wasn't a true conservative. I find it troubling particularly with the Father Pflager remarks that both the Obama campaign and the media see no need to express any outrage over remarks that imply Senator Clinton is a white supremist. This is a horrible remark based on nothing, and the lowest form of politics. Just a couple weeks ago they were outraged over her RFK remarks, which weren't artful but were also dramatically skewed to fit a narrative. Maybe I should stay out of this because it's not my fight, but this media myopia, and the campaigning on hope while supporters undercut opponents is disturbing.

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M. Sakel said...

Obamyopia is a curable affliction and the leader of the misogynist fratboys will be delivered some bitter medicine from his favorite alienated Demographic that he and his campaign surrogates have treated like the dust BO brushed off in his glorious performance:

"Obama Gives Hillary the Finger"--that's change you can really believe in~!