Friday, June 27, 2008

Clinton Supporters Making A Statement About Not Supporting Obama

Clinton supporters are making a statement that they are NOT going to unite behind Barack Obama. There are a variety of reasons why; Michigan and Florida, poor treatment of Senator Clinton by the media, disrespectful behavior by Obama supporters, or simply doubts about Senator Obama and his qualifications. For these, or other reasons, many Clinton supporters are actively campaigning for Senator McCain. The site Just Say No Deal lists over 125 sites, many newly started, that agree that they will not be voting Obama in November. Some like Savage Politics are even raising money for Senator McCain. Many are planning to donate to the McCain campaign on July 4th to show their committment. Here are just a few of the numerous sites committed to NOT unifying the Democratic Party.


Donald Douglas said...

Yep, I saw this too!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the word 'charlatan' and the name Barack Hussein Obama are synonomous with each other.

Just say NO! to an Obama nation!

NO! Obama!