Monday, June 30, 2008

Johnny's Mom - Videos of Roberta McCain

Senator McCain's mother Roberta McCain is hoot. The first clip is a Mother's day ad featuring her and the Senator. The second is a half hour CSPAN interview she did in January.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

McCain’s Growing Net Roots and Donations

The network of McCain supporter sites is going through a growth spurt, right, left, and center. On July 1st, the anniversary of John McCain’s promotion to Commander of Attack Squadron 174 in 1976, the founders of John McCain 2008 Social Network and McCain Now are launching They have worked tirelessly to launch a site that focuses on supporting Senator McCain and local Republicans across the country. They are looking to raise money for a series of candidates in important races.

On the other side of the spectrum, let me welcome Clinton supporters who now support Senator McCain to the club. The establishment and networking of Clinton supporters not willing to support Senator Obama, has been impressive to say the least. Over 125 sites and blogs have emerged within a few weeks. A list of all (or most) is available at Just Say No Deal. Here are a few that have already established a significant following. Clintons 4 McCain, Savage Politics, Puma Party (which includes the Puma Party forum), Done Dems, Hillary Clinton Forum, and Dems 4 McCain. Certainly, not all who have decided not to vote Obama have committed to voting McCain. However, there is mounting evidence that many Clinton supporters will vote McCain.

Some Hillary supporters have even decided to donate to Senator McCain’s campaign on July 4th. As a show of support, many long time McCain supporters have also agreed to contribute on that day. The request is that Hillary supporters make donations in amounts like $5.44, $25.44, or $125.44 and others donate in whole dollar amounts so Clinton supporters can be differentiated and counted.

Other new Pro-McCain sites include...
Battleground States ‘08 is a contributor based blog giving a state to state perspective on the presidential race.
Local Republicans similarly is a contributor based blog focused on down ticket candidates and state and local Republican candidates.
Grand Old Partisan is an excellent site for those interested in history. It remembers that the GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
Jews for McCain
Conservative Mom in a Liberal World
Its All Dicta
McCain Brigade
McCain Independent
McCain Supporters
Local Republicans
Obama Independent or McCain Independent?
Red Arizona
Right Score
Stop Obama Vote McCain
Democrats and Independents for McCain Social Network

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Media's Portrayal of "The Angry Woman Vote"

As the media starts to recognize that many Clinton supporters are not supporting Obama, the response of the pundits is to portray these people as angry irrational women. There several problem with the media's analysis. First, two of the most common reasons people support Senator McCain and not Senator Obama whether left, right, or center are experience (or lack thereof) and honesty/consistency. Neither of these receive much attention in the press, however, Senator Obama has numerous issues that he has flipped on from guns, to NAFTA, to preconditions, to public financing. People don't like to be played for a fool, and maybe some are even angry about it. Yet the issue that has consistently been ignored throughout the race is experience. Who shows up to a job interview for the most important job in the land with a half page resume? No foreign policy experience in a time of war is extremely troubling to many. Voting for the most inexperienced candidate has a history of not working out. Why is this not a legitimate issue?

There's an irony to the media's myopic punditry. They're insulting the very people they are trying to convince to vote for Obama. You want to know what really angers people? Telling them that their anger is unjustified, then pigeon holing them as irrational, grumpy, or moody. As a woman and a McCain supporter I've heard repeatedly that women won't support McCain (though I've met dozens who are). I've heard that the people who won't support Obama are low class, uneducated, and narrow minded. Yet some how the insults haven't won me over. I still think Senator Obama's complete lack of experience and flip flops are a bad thing, while Senator McCain's experience, bipartisanship, decency, and personal history make him a highly qualified candidate.

Clinton Supporters Making A Statement About Not Supporting Obama

Clinton supporters are making a statement that they are NOT going to unite behind Barack Obama. There are a variety of reasons why; Michigan and Florida, poor treatment of Senator Clinton by the media, disrespectful behavior by Obama supporters, or simply doubts about Senator Obama and his qualifications. For these, or other reasons, many Clinton supporters are actively campaigning for Senator McCain. The site Just Say No Deal lists over 125 sites, many newly started, that agree that they will not be voting Obama in November. Some like Savage Politics are even raising money for Senator McCain. Many are planning to donate to the McCain campaign on July 4th to show their committment. Here are just a few of the numerous sites committed to NOT unifying the Democratic Party.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clinton Supporters Embracing A McCain Presidency

Huckabee Help

Governor Huckabee wrote an article and made several appearances talking about how McCain supporters/Republicans should challenge Senator Obama on issues and public statements and not delve into dirty campaigning or Internet rumors. This is excellent advice. Senator Obama's numerous contradictory statements provide plenty of material to challenge him on, there is no need for gossip.

Governor Huckabee not only provides excellent advise, but he arises again as a truly unique and interesting political figure. Senator McCain is routinely criticized for not embracing evangelical Republicans, but Governor Huckabee is obvious exception. Even when the primaries were at their most contentious it was obvious that Huckabee and McCain simply liked each other. Governor Huckabee has an interesting appeal. His tact has been very respectful and filled with good humor. It appears his appeal even reaches people with different political beliefs. While this isn't intended as a VP prediction, it does seem that Governor Huckabee could play an important role in the election of Senator McCain. I hope Governor Huckabee will continue with his good advice and good humor, and become an important partner in the McCain campaign.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Underdog Who Enjoys Taking On the Bullies and the Haters

I became a McCain supporter last summer at the time his campaign was collapsing, and he was being skewered for his position on immigration reform. While he had been slowly winning me over, I realized at that time my desire to stick up for him in the midst of a barrage of insults, and even death threats, probably meant I was a supporter. While I could empathize with some people’s frustration over immigration, the tone of the debate rapidly degenerated into shear nastiness. So while I still resisted actually volunteering for the campaign for a couple months it was then that I selected the biggest long shots in political history.

Late summer I found it concerning that Senator McCain’s positions were not receiving much attention. If you weren’t lucky enough to live in NH, IA, or SC there was little chance of hearing where he stood on issues. So I put up some YouTube videos that were essentially audio clips combine with a picture of the Senator. Far from artistic, they simply conveyed policy positions. Their effect was likely minimal, but they have received more attention since the Senator’s political resurrection.

What I find baffling about these videos is some of the foul comments that they elicit. A handful of videos have sparked a quality debate. However, I constantly have to remove comments from people going on a blue streak. I added to my channel page, “Happy for commenters to agree or disagree with statements as they see fit, but swearing, crass, or threatening remarks will be removed.” I have to admit that I have a slightly warped sense of humor, so I’m rather ammused by the insults directed at me. However, I am disappointed in the large number of comments that wish harm on others. These are simple policy statements, and they are engendering rage on the part of some people.

I bring this up because there is a similarity between the nastiness of the immigration debate and the nastiness of the late primaries and early general election. Certainly every candidate has some supporters who say and do things that they wish they hadn’t. However, one campaign in particular seems to have a large number of people with no decency or self control. The irony is that they have rallied the opposition within their own party, and now are starting to rally the other party against them. It will be interesting to see they create a class of people who simply want to champion the underdog against the bullies and the haters.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seven Reason Clinton Supporters Should Back McCain

I saw a request the other day from a Clinton blogger for Obama supporters to make an argument for their candidate that did not include the reason, ‘he’s not McCain’. Therefore, I thought it might also be appropriate for a McCain supporter to put out the argument for Clinton supporters to back McCain without the argument, ‘He’s not Obama’. So here goes…

First, there’s a reason Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter had a meltdown when McCain wrapped up the Republican nomination. A McCain presidency threatens to take the teeth out of their brand of politics. These sorts of conservative commentators feed off the nastiest form of partisanship, and a leader that works with across the isle and doesn’t demonize the other party puts their careers at risk. McCain has been consistently respectful of fellow candiates and colleagues from both sides of the isle. McCain has a history of bipartisanship in the Senate, which has made many conservatives mad. You only have to look back to last year’s immigration debate to realize that he took a stand on an issue that almost tanked his campaign because he believed in it. Global warming, campaign finance reform, and anti-torture legislation are other areas that he worked with Democrats at significant political risk.

Second, McCain as president and head of the party would act as a moderating influence on the Republican party itself. If McCain is elected the party moves towards the center, if he isn’t elected the far right will retain the most influence within the party. This may not seem terribly important to a Democrat, but if you consider long-term objectives, dealing with a moderate Republican party will in the end result in more change than dealing with an extremely conservative Republican party. The reality of politics is that no party continuously holds power, and a shift in party theology benefits those in the middle and those on the left.

Third, you know what you get with Senator McCain. He went to Iowa and took a stand against ethanol subsidies; he went to Michigan and told people that jobs that had gone over-seas were not coming back. Pundits thought this was political suicide, but he stuck to his guns anyway. Certainly some people will disagree with him on these issues, but he is straightforward about where he stands.

Fourth, despite claims otherwise, Bush and McCain are not even close to being the same. McCain is experienced and very well educated. McCain was the only Republican to condemn the Swift Boat ads against Kerry, and the only Republican to call for Donald Rumsfeld’s ouster. There is no evidence that there are any Republican 527’s being formed in this election cycle, and McCain knows all too well about the dirty politicking of the Bush administration as he was one of its first to come into the cross-hairs of Karl Rove in South Carolina during the 2000 campaign.

Fifth, as Senator Clinton said, he passes the ‘commander-in-chief test’. His military and Senate experience make him one of the leading experts in foreign policy. Again some don’t agree with his positions, but he comes at them from a well-informed viewpoint. He understands the ramifications war, and the consequences of leaders actions. He is well studied in history, and if you attend one of his town halls you’ll find out that he answers questions about all subjects, but his aptitude regarding foreign policy is striking.

Sixth, no one is predicting that the Republicans will win back the house or Senate. The conventional wisdom is that they are likely to loose seats. Consequently, there is little risk that Republicans would control both branches of government. A McCain presidency would require bipartisanship and cooperation to achieve legislative goals.

Seventh, he walks the walk. Senator McCain supported the surge with the knowledge that doing so could put his son in harms way. Not only has he served, but also two of his sons serve one of who was active duty in Iraq. He sacrificed in his own service, and now he knows first hand the sacrifice of military families who have a loved one serving their country. He doesn’t talk about his son’s service publicly, but it is more evidence that his convictions are real.

I understand that for some he is too far away from their own political beliefs for them to actively support him. That’s completely understandable, and I appreciate the opportunity to make the pitch. However, I hope some Clinton supporters will recognize that while McCain is not their first choice he brings good things to the table and warrants careful consideration. In the long run there are many benefits to a McCain presidency.

Here are a few sites that may be of interest to Democrats, Independents, and moderates that support Senator McCain.

A long-time McCain supporter and Blue Dog Democrat at Blue and New.

McCain Independents and Democrats Social Network

Started by some Hillary supporters Democrats for McCain are crossing party lines to unite behind John McCain.

Don't be a Good Democrat is challenging Democrats not to support Senator Obama.

Independent Jim is another example of a long time McCain supporter who has been both a Democrat and a Republican.

Independent Dude

McCain Democrats Yahoo Group

McCainocrats - the new Reagan Democrats

Purple People Vote the parent site of McCain Indpendents providing commentary from the perspective of a New Hampshire Independent.

Yes I'm Female, Pro-Choice and Pro-McCain

Recent commentaries have stated that women will not support Senator McCain because he is pro-life. Well believe it or not, some girls can process more than one issue at a time. This sort of attitude that only an idiot could be concerned about women’s issues and vote McCain, is short-sighted not helpful. Hot Air reports that even Senator Obama when addressing Clinton supporters stated,
If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it.”
Reiterating that sort of, 'only an idiot' perspective.

So how can I be pro-choice and pro-McCain? First, the number of people affected by the 'choice vs. life' issue is relatively small. While I personally feel that this is no place for the government to be imposing its will on the individual; I also recognize that some people like Senator McCain genuinely see this as a human rights issue. One of the things I admire about Senator McCain is his outstanding human rights record. Therefore I can accept that this is a difference of opinion. I don't buy the argument that being pro-life makes them anti-women. I also disagree with Senator McCain on education, but that doesn't make him anti-child. Finally, I have never heard Senator McCain preach morality. He isn't at the far edge of the pro-life movement talking down to women who have made this decision. He's even taken heat from some conservatives for not being divisive enough on this issue.

Issues that trump his pro-life stance for me are experience, his ability to work across the aisle, his coherent and substantive foreign policy, his on going fight against wasteful spending, and his backbone in standing up to people when fighting for what he believes in. So I don't agree with Senator McCain on all the issues including choice, so what? I base my vote on a myriad of issues, and the idea that all a candidate has to do is be pro-choice to win my vote is ridiculous.

Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain a Logical Moderate Energy Policy

Senator McCain has taken heat for changing his position on allowing off-shore drilling. It's fair that politicians have their feet held to the fire when they change a position. However, this is a change that makes sense. America is in a position where it desperately needs to find new sources of energy to avoid long term damage to the economy. Senator McCain has taken a moderate positions that angers some on both sides of the issue. Some want more drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, some want less as they see off-shore drilling as an environmental risk.

However, regular Americans know something politicians often forget, compromise is good. The public doesn't want the environment harmed, yet they are very aware of the need for more oil. Drilling not only provides another energy source, but simply allowing drilling off-shore can reduce prices as the speculation of an oil shortage, that effects current prices, would be reduced. Senator McCain's long-term plan recognizes the need for additional forms of clean energy, and he has focuses on development of these sources as the long-term solution, while also addressing American's immediate need for energy.

An excerpt from John McCain's Energy Policy.
John McCain Believes That It Is Time For The Federal Government To Allow States And Localities To Open Their Oil Reserves On The Outer Continental Shelf. The Federal Government has prohibited oil and gas leasing on most of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) since the 1980s. Congress has enacted OCS leasing moratoria every year since 1982 allowing leasing only in the Gulf of Mexico (except near Florida) and parts of Alaska. In 1990, a presidential directive ordered the Department of the Interior not to conduct offshore leasing or preleasing activity in areas and President Clinton extended the offshore leasing prohibition until 2012. John McCain believes we should lift the federal moratorium on these areas and allow the local stakeholders and states decide whether or not they would like to allow exploration in these areas.

Over Time, John McCain Believes That We Must Reform Our Entire Energy Economy Toward A Sustainable Mix Of New And Cleaner Power Sources. One of the prevailing issues of our time and the next presidency will be how to deal with the issue of global warming. It is important that we shift to sustainable, clean burning energy sources or advance to technologies that make our more traditional resources cleaner burning.

"The Two Obama's" and Obama's Chicago Style Politics

David Brook's excellent article The Two Obama's does an excellent job laying out how Senator Obama talks reform and inspiration, but plays old school politics as well as anyone out there...

"God, Republicans are saps. They think that they’re running against some academic liberal who wouldn’t wear flag pins on his lapel, whose wife isn’t proud of America and who went to some liberationist church where the pastor damned his own country. They think they’re running against some na├»ve university-town dreamer, the second coming of Adlai Stevenson..."

"...But as recent weeks have made clear, Barack Obama is the most split-personality politician in the country today. On the one hand, there is Dr. Barack, the high-minded, Niebuhr-quoting speechifier who spent this past winter thrilling the Scarlett Johansson set and feeling the fierce urgency of now. But then on the other side, there’s Fast Eddie Obama, the promise-breaking, tough-minded Chicago pol who’d throw you under the truck for votes..."

Brooks goes on to explain Obama's history of old school politics. That he is smart and calculating, and has laid out a path for himself that any old-school Chigago politician would be proud of...

"...Back when he was in the Illinois State Senate, Dr. Barack could have taken positions on politically uncomfortable issues. But Fast Eddie Obama voted “present” nearly 130 times. From time to time, he threw his voting power under the truck.

Dr. Barack said he could no more disown the Rev. Jeremiah Wright than disown his own grandmother. Then the political costs of Rev. Wright escalated and Fast Eddie Obama threw Wright under the truck.

Dr. Barack could have been a workhorse senator. But primary candidates don’t do tough votes, so Fast Eddie Obama threw the workhorse duties under the truck.

Dr. Barack could have changed the way presidential campaigning works. John McCain offered to have a series of extended town-hall meetings around the country. But favored candidates don’t go in for unscripted free-range conversations. Fast Eddie Obama threw the new-politics mantra under the truck.

And then on Thursday, Fast Eddie Obama had his finest hour. Barack Obama has worked on political reform more than any other issue. He aspires to be to political reform what Bono is to fighting disease in Africa. He’s spent much of his career talking about how much he believes in public financing. In January 2007, he told Larry King that the public-financing system works. In February 2007, he challenged Republicans to limit their spending and vowed to do so along with them if he were the nominee. In February 2008, he said he would aggressively pursue spending limits. He answered a Midwest Democracy Network questionnaire by reminding everyone that he has been a longtime advocate of the public-financing system.

Full David Brook's article The Two Obama's

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain Support Left, Right, and Center

Senator McCain is reaching across party lines in an unprecedented way to appeal to conservative Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. His most ardent Democrat/Independent supporter is Joe Lieberman who is heading up the group Citizens for McCain. He states,
I have worked with John McCain for many years in the U.S. Senate and know from experience that he can unite Democrats, Republicans and Independents like no one else in this country. He did it in the United States Senate and he can do it as President of the United States.
In addition, there a host of sites like McCain Indpendents popping up around the web. Here are a few...

A long-time McCain supporter and Blue Dog Democrat at Blue and New.

McCain Independents and Democrats Social Network

Started by some Hillary supporters Democrats for McCain are crossing party lines to unite behind John McCain.

Don't be a Good Democrat is challenging Democrats not to support Senator Obama.

Independent Jim is another example of a long time McCain supporter who has been both a Democrat and a Republican.

Independent Dude

McCain Democrats Yahoo Group

McCainocrats - the new Reagan Democrats

Purple People Vote the parent site of McCain Indpendents providing commentary from the perspective of a New Hampshire Independent.

John McCain the Green Candidate

Obama's Honesty Problem

Senator Obama and his campaign have made numerous misleading or inaccurate statements that call into question the Senator's honesty. First up, NAFTA. Slate reports,
"For the Canadians, a key point of concern was Obama's sharp criticism of the North American Free Trade Agreement. DeMora wrote Wilson that in the Chicago meeting, Goolsbee "candidly acknowledged the protectionist sentiment that has emerged, particularly in the Midwest, during the primary campaign" but reassured Rioux that Obama's NAFTA-bashing "should be viewed as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans."
Now there is an oddly similar report of Senator Obama telling the Iraqi foreign minister not to listen to his campaign rhetoric.
The Union Leader Reported...
"Here is Sen. Obama speaking in Michigan yesterday, explaining what he told Iraq's foreign minister: ". . . an Obama administration will make sure that we continue with the progress that's been made in Iraq ... that we won't act precipitously, but that we will move to end U.S. combat forces in Iraq."

What progress in Iraq? That would be the progress made under Gen. David Petraeus' "surge" strategy, which Sen. Obama opposed. Back when Obama was criticizing the surge and calling for rapid withdrawal from Iraq (aka, surrender), Sen. John McCain was pushing for more troops and a plan for victory. Now that the policy Obama opposed has turned the tables, decimated al-Qaida in Iraq and made victory possible, Obama says he wants to "continue the progress."
Next, are the completely false remarks of Susan Rice a top Obama foreign policy advisor. First, are her remarks that Senator Obama did not say he would meet with foreign leaders without preconditions,

"She has been trying over the last few months to walk back Senator Obama's statement that he would meet with dictators of rouge nations in the first year of his presidency without preconditions. The tactic being to confuse people with a debate between 'precondition' and 'preparations'. Yet, Dr. Rice expressly stated, “Nobody said he would initiate contacts at the presidential level; that requires due preparation and advance work.” That is false, Senator Obama in a YouTube debate expressly stated he would meet with the leaders of Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela without preconditions, which drew criticism from people on both sides of the isle."
Second, are historically inaccurate remarks she made while on CNN,
"'Thank God he did [Kennedy meet with Krushchev] because if he hadn't we would have not been able to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis' [comment made by Susan Rice] is completely false. In fact historians agree that this meeting fueled the Cuban Missile Crisis."
Then there are the claims that Senator Obama was unaware of Reverend Wright's radical teachings after attending his church for twenty years. However, the New York Times reports Senator Obama disinvited Reverend Wright from the his presidential annoucement for this reason,
"Mr. Wright said that in the phone conversation in which Mr. Obama disinvited him from a role in the announcement, Mr. Obama cited an article in Rolling Stone, “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama.”

According to the pastor, Mr. Obama then told him, “You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.”
Finally, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Senator Obama will reject public financing and break a previous promise to accept public financing,

"Barack Obama announced today that he will not accept roughly $85 million in public funds for the general election, breaking his earlier pledge to do so if his Republican rival John McCain opted in to the system.

He is the first candidate since the 1970s to forego public financing. McCain has already taken steps to suggest he will opt in to the system in the fall."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Delightful Tim Russert Interview with Roberta McCain

Such sad news today of Tim Russert's passing. Here's a look at a wonderful interview he did with Roberta McCain, Senator McCain's mother.

McCain and Iraq

Charles Krauthammer wrote an excellent article entitled What Obama's Been Missing in Iraq. It challenges Senator McCain to run his campaign based on Iraq. The reason for this is simple, the U.S. is winning and Senator McCain's call for a strategy change is one of the main reasons why. The crux of the article addresses the numerous signs of success that main stream media has essentially ignored...

4. Maliki flew to Mosul, directing a joint Iraqi-U.S. offensive against the last redoubt of al-Qaeda, which had already been driven out of Anbar, Baghdad and Diyala provinces.

5. The Iraqi parliament enacted a de-Baathification law, a major Democratic benchmark for political reconciliation.

6. Parliament also passed the other reconciliation benchmarks -- a pension law, an amnesty law, and a provincial elections and powers law. Oil revenues are being distributed to the provinces through the annual budget.

7. With Maliki having demonstrated that he would fight not just Sunni insurgents (e.g., in Mosul) but Shiite militias (e.g., the Mahdi Army), the Sunni parliamentary bloc began negotiations to join the Shiite-led government. (The final sticking point is a squabble over a sixth Cabinet position.)

Krauthammer points to both military and political success. When Democrats began to acknowledge signs of military success they continued to say the political success was impossible. Now that significant military and political progress is being made, their argument is the cost of war. They have been left with little to support their position of rapid withdrawal. On the other hand, Senator McCain has been repeatedly proven right. Krauthammer requests that Senator McCain take his argument to the people. Explain what is happening in Iraq, and explain why his position is so much stronger than the Democrats.

What Obama's Been Missing in Iraq.

Cindy McCain Introduces Her Husband

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama Advisor Susan Rice's Major Historical/Foreign Policy Error

Unfortunately, Susan Rice's statement regarding the Kennedy Khrushchev meeting, "Thank God he did because if he hadn't we would have not been able to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis" is completely false. In fact historians agree that this meeting fueled the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Weekly Standand, in detailing the Kennedy Khrushchev meeting, quotes NYT columnist James Reston who interviewed President Kennedy right after his meeting with Khrushchev,
"Reston reported that Kennedy said just enough for Reston to conclude that Khrushchev "had studied the events of the Bay of Pigs" and that he had "decided that he was dealing with an inexperienced young leader who could be intimidated and blackmailed." Kennedy said to Reston that Khrushchev had "just beat [the] hell out of me" and that he had presented Kennedy with a terrible problem: "If he thinks I'm inexperienced and have no guts, until we remove those ideas we won't get anywhere with him. So we have to act."
Kennedy responded to the meeting with a congressional request for a dramatic increase in defense spending, and a significant increase in the size of the military. Khrushchev responded to Kennedy's actions with above ground nuclear testing and erecting the Berlin Wall. The tensions between the US and Soviet Union dramatically increased due to the Kennedy Khrushchev meeting; the Cuban Missile Crisis followed.

Susan Rice's statement is simply false. There is no historical record of the Kennedy Khrushchev meeting being at all helpful in resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis and actually the exact opposite true that an inexperienced leader was bullied into an arms race.

'Obama Advisor Susan Rice's Major Historical/Foreign Policy Error' first published at Purple People Vote

Monday, June 9, 2008

Media Shills for Their Candidate

This isn't particularly surprising, however, it is good to know that people are aware of the blatant media bias. Rasmusen Reports chronicles that people of all stripes recognize that the media is pitching their candidate and not being objective.

"Just 17% of voters nationwide believe that most reporters try to offer unbiased coverage of election campaigns. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that four times as many­ 68%--believe most reporters try to help the candidate that they want to win.

The perception that reporters are advocates rather than observers is held by 82% of Republicans, 56% of Democrats, and 69% of voters not affiliated with either major party. The skepticism about reporters cuts across income, racial, gender, and age barriers."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

McCain Condemned Swift Boat Ads

Just as a reminder to those who like to portray McCain as a carbon copy of Bush, the left-leaning had this to say about Senator McCain a few years ago.

"With his passionate denunciation of the swift boat commercial and its sponsors, McCain again displayed the dignity and self-respect that once elevated him above other politicians."

Lieberman Explains McCain's Appeal to Independents

In a mailing from the McCain Campaign, Senator Joe Lieberman detailed his support for Senator McCain...

"Time and time again John McCain has put his country first. He refused early release when he was held captive in Vietnam. He continued to put his country first as a national leader in the U.S. Senate. He put country before party when he fought to pass campaign finance reform, sought a bi-partisan solution to the immigration problem, and consistently supported pro-environment policies. His courage to stand up to the failed Iraq war plan of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and lead the fight for a new strategy in Iraq will go down in history, and it saved American lives. These were not always the easy things to do. In fact, they were usually very difficult, and often threatened his political career. But John McCain did what was right."

Senator Lieberman is chairing a new organization called Citizens First for Senator McCain's campaign made up of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who support a McCain presidency.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Independent McCain Links

New sites supporting Senator McCain are appearing regularly. Here are a few that are worth a look.

McCain Independents
Bush McCain
Battleground States 08
Wiki Obama
Local Republicans
Obama Independents
Who Do I Vote For?
McCain Online Volunteer
Rabid Blue Dog Democrat
New Hampshire 4 McCain
McCain Democrats
Iraqi 4 McCain
Politico Mafioso - McCain Arizona
Red State Blue
McCain Jewish Vote
Vietnam Veterans for McCain

McCain Speech - Servant of Our Country

"You will hear from my opponent's campaign in every speech, every interview, every press release that I'm running for President Bush's third term. You will hear every policy of the President described as the Bush-McCain policy. Why does Senator Obama believe it's so important to repeat that idea over and over again? Because he knows it's very difficult to get Americans to believe something they know is false. So he tries to drum it into your minds by constantly repeating it rather than debate honestly the very different directions he and I would take the country. But the American people didn't get to know me yesterday, as they are just getting to know Senator Obama. They know I have a long record of bipartisan problem solving. They've seen me put our country before any President -- before any party -- before any special interest -- before my own interest. They might think me an imperfect servant of our country, which I surely am. But I am her servant first, last and always."

McCain Speech

Monday, June 2, 2008

McCain Treats Senator Clinton Better Than Obama and the Press

Senator McCain today again stated his respect for Senator Clinton and the race she has run. This comes a couple of days after he expressed his disgust for the comments made by Father Pfleger, and it was reported in the news as being a statement of political convenience. However, I'm a New Hampshire Independent and this is something he has saying been saying all year as different individuals have made borderline or rude comments about Senator Clinton. People should go back and check out the Republican debate where all the candidates lined up to take a shot at Senator Clinton, and Senator McCain was the only one to voice his respect for her. Granted he followed that with a criticism of one of her earmarks, but he's never taken pot-shots at her like many others did. Shortly after that debate he had a meeting with a large room of supporter in NH, which I attended. There was no press, and no obligation for him to make any reference to Senator Clinton, yet he started his meeting by saying how he respects her and would not be participating in the sort of politics that tears people down, then said 'You know we have to remember this is all about love.' Now, I don't mean to impugn Republicans, but that is something I never thought I'd hear a Republican say, particularly during a presidential campaign. Everyone applauded and I was close to becoming the crazy lady in the back jumping up and down, as this one of my major political gripes.

So are these posts/comments politically opportunistic? Sure, but they aren't new and he was saying them when people on the right were posting pictures of him laughing with Senator Clinton and decrying it as evidence that he wasn't a true conservative. I find it troubling particularly with the Father Pflager remarks that both the Obama campaign and the media see no need to express any outrage over remarks that imply Senator Clinton is a white supremist. This is a horrible remark based on nothing, and the lowest form of politics. Just a couple weeks ago they were outraged over her RFK remarks, which weren't artful but were also dramatically skewed to fit a narrative. Maybe I should stay out of this because it's not my fight, but this media myopia, and the campaigning on hope while supporters undercut opponents is disturbing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Independents for McCain

There are several specific reasons Senator McCain appeals to Indpendents like myself.

1. He works across the isle, and he gets things done. Whether it is the gang of 14, campaign finance reform, or anti-torture legislation he is a very successful legislator.

2. He has an impecable human rights record. Whether it is spear heading anti-torture legislation, promising to close GitMo, standing up for the monks in Burma, or speaking out against the genocide in Darfur, if there is human rights offense Senator McCain is front and center speaking out against it.

3. He's a straight shooter. Going into the Iowa primaries saying he doesn't support ethanol subsidies, or going to Michigan and telling people that the jobs that have gone overseas are not coming back is politically very gutsy. Senators typically have difficulty running for president because with a long record an opponent can often spin their record to highlight contradictions. However, Senator McCain's record is remarkably consistent, and he says what he thinks even if it isn't what the pundits think he should do.

4. Experience/Intelligence: Go to his events; he answers any and all questions in a very thorough way. He gives details, he allows for follow ups, he lays out his plans, and he simply knows his stuff.

5. Independence/Conviction: People like Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman have taken a lot of heat for not following the party line. They stand up for what they believe in and even if you disagree with them on issues you have to admire their backbone.

6. Walks the Walk: While Senator McCain's military experience alone may not be what makes him qualified to be President, it certainly helps that he has a strong understanding of the military. Also, you can't help but respect his service and his family's service past and present. The fact that his sons currently serve in a time of war illustates that he walks the walk. His sons didn't take a pass because they had a famous and influential father, they illustrate a McCain family committment to service.