Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Tell the Press is in Love with Senator Obama

10. Newscaster crosses himself before speaking Senator Obama’s name
9. 5:2:1 Ratio of Obama:Clinton:McCain campaign representatives featured on nightly broadcasts.
8. News analysis concludes that only uneducated narrow-minded people don’t vote for Senator Obama
7. Station does expose on SNL bias after they joke about Senator Obama being coddled by the press.
6. Delegate count that is repeated every 15 minutes ends with the proclamation that Senator Obama’s nomination is a mathematical certainty.
5. Press now considers the Clintons Republicans
4. Commentator tears up whenever someone challenges Senator Obama’s experience level.
3. Newscast breaks into Clinton or McCain speech with Obama speech.
2. Commentator flies into a rage when Senator Clinton wins a primary
1. Shivers shoot up their leg when Senator Obama speaks.

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