Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain Moves the Town Hall Format to the Internet

The Washington Times article McCain Widens Dialogue on Blogs
discusses the McCain campaign's blog outreach efforts. The campaign is looking to reach not only conservative bloggers, but bloggers of all political leanings and blogs that focus on specific topics like heath care. This parrallels the town hall formats that Senator McCain champions. A sort of, anyone, any question, anytime, approach to the presidential race that sees Senator McCain connecting with a wider range of people than previous campaigns have attempted. Moving the town hall to cyberspace and to the national level allows Senator McCain to connect with people, show off his depth of knowlege, and brings a format that few outside the early primary states have experienced to a new and larger audience. Town hall meetings are issue-based and questioner/voter-based they not only serve Senator McCain well, but they can likely improve the national political discourse.

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