Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Independent's Argument

There are some issues where Senator McCain breaks with the traditional Republican party line that as an Independent I appreciate greatly. First, is protecting the environment and addressing global warming. I'm still at a loss as to why this is a partisan issue, but it is an important issue. At a Romney town hall last summer a gentleman stood up to explain that in NH many Republican towns voted in favor environmental protections, and continued to explain that he was a good Republican and wanted a candidate that would address environmental issues. Senator McCain's cap and trade plan works both on an environmental level and on an economic level, by imposing regulations that are not burdensome while decreasing carbon emmissions each year.

His human rights record and definitive stand against torture is the second issue that I find compelling. I was very disappointed in the Republican party when Senator McCain was the only candidate to stand strongly against torture. He also has an impecable human rights record. He has a history of defending the oppressed whether in Darfur, Tibet, or elsewhere he consistenly voices his opposition to human cruelty.

The argument for Independents and Conservatives to vote for Senator McCain is two-fold. First his record is basically conservative, but he doesn't just follow the party line. Second, the Democrats are running on a far-left platform. For us middle-of-the-roaders, issue wise there is little moderation or compromise coming from the Democratic candidates. Senator McCain has worked across the isle numerous times, sometimes upsetting party loyalists. However, he gets things done and he sticks to his guns even when pressured not to.

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