Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speak Out Against Media Bias

The McCain Palin 2008 blog is sponsoring a petition protesting media bias with the support of groups/sites across the political spectrum. While many have witnessed a decisive pro-Obama slant in this news reporting during this election, this bias became glaringly apparent when Governor Palin was selected as the vice-presidential nominee. Whether it is an organization like the New York Times having to retract stories about Governor Palin because they printed rumor and not fact; networks investigating the children of the Governor; or network pundits questioning the Governor's 'mothering' skills, this over-the-top behavior and blatant bias is unacceptable. With over 1200 people having already signed we urge all readers to speak out against an irresponsible media by signing the following petition.

Petition - Speak Out Against Media Unfairness and Sexism

Petition Founder - McCain Palin 2008 Blog

Co-Sponsors -
Grizzly Groundswell
Free Me Now
Hillary Clinton Forum
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Chus said...

Hot news!: McCain suspends campaign

hebern said...

As an Independent, I've voted both Democrat and Republican over the years. This election, the media reporting has been blatantly biased towards Obama and has wrought my mistrust. The media has been condescendingly treating us all like a bunch of sheep. Instead of just giving us facts and information, they've been preaching to us in a nonstop barrage of editorial-type reporting. All indications are that the media is in bed with the Democrats and with that lack of impartiality they can't be and shouldn't be trusted. If journalists would be more even-handed with their reporting, they wouldn't harvest this kind of suspicion in Independents. If you’re unsure about media bias, see this: