Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Presidential Debate and the Bracelet Moment

Senator McCain talked, as he has previously, about Matthew Stanley and his family of Wolfboro, NH, and the bracelet Senator McCain wears in his honor.

Senator Obama reading the name off 'his bracelet' was tacky, and poorly done.

The story of John McCain, Matthew Stanley, and the bracelet.


bmcs said...

Obama's bracelet moment was "tacky and poorly done" indeed. Not only did Obama not even know the name on the bracelet, but the family had asked Obama to stop wearing the bracelet and using their son's name in campaign sound bites. The reason the poor mother gave it to Obama in the first place is so Obama would remember her son's name! So, Obama is not only violating the family's wishes about wearing the bracelet, but to add insult to injury, he didn't remember her son's name. Barack Obama is a USER; you know the type. He'll exploit a family who lost a son, against their wishes, because what Obama wants is paramount in his narcissist's mind.

s.b. said...

This just in. Family of Ryan Jopek told obama to stop wearing the bracelet and stop using their son's name.

They support the war in Iraq and John McCain.