Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed and the American Government

Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reed not a moderate amongst them; this will be who is running the American government if Senator Obama is elected in November. This shouldn't only concern conservatives and Republicans, but should be on the minds of moderates and independents too. There frequently is a desire to answer lopsided power on one side with an imbalanced push for lopsided power on the other side. However, a stable sound government is often best achieved from the middle. Swings left or right are normal and to be expected, but a far left or far right government doesn't truly serve or reflect the American people. The beauty of a McCain presidency is that the government would be balanced. Even the most optimistic Republican doesn't think Democrats will lose control of the Congress. That means the executive branch would be controlled by a Republican who has a history of working in a bipartisan manner with the Democrats who would control the legislative branch. This is the sort of practical reasonable government that turns down the volume on the bitterly partisan rhetoric of the last couple decades, and gives America a government more reflective of the mixed red, blue, and purple worlds most of us live in.

Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed

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