Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lighten Up Lefties...That Means You Too Media

Senator McCain has run a set of very successful web ads in the last week or so. Two videos Celeb and The One alone have had 2 million views in just 3 days. These two ads in particular needle Senator Obama about his celebrity status. Another video, which kicked off this trilogy of popular McCain ads, Obama Love makes fun of the media for its out-of-control love affair with Senator Obama. So how has the left reacted to these ads? Basically, they've freaked out. Huffington Post and New York Times screamed racism, which even the Obama campaign thought was ridiculous. Other lefty blogs went even further off the deep end calling the Celeb ad gay-baiting. Then came the accusations that Senator McCain was being too negative. The Obama people called it gutter campaigning, which seems a bitter hysterical for one ad that teases the media about its crush on Obama, and one ad that jokes about Senator Obama's 'anointed one' status.

What the left seemed to miss was that these ads were funny. When a candidate says, 'We are the change we've been waiting for' he might expect to have a few jokes made at his expense. The supposedly 'horribly negative' question in the two celebrity based videos asked was, 'Is he ready to lead?' Hate to break it to the left, but that's a fair question. The beauty of these ads is two fold. They used humor to point out Senator Obama's ever growing ego, and the obsessive silliness surrounding his campaign. Second, they reveal the media's bias, not only by showing it in video form, but when pundits exhibit an over-the-top reaction they actually reveal themselves as Obama shills. If the left could have lightened up and brushed these ads off as silly attempts at humor they would have faired much better than having a melt down over their favorite candidate being teased.

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