Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Woman's Vote Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Carly Fiorina addresses Women for Fair Politics. She details why she supports Senator McCain, and states that a woman's vote should not be taken for granted.

Video found at Wake Up America Hillary Clinton $100,000 Backers to Meet with Avid John McCain Supporter, Carly Fiorina.


Susannah said...

I recently wrote two blogs for One is titled "Barack Obama is a Weak nominee" and the other one is titled "How to Reach Out to Clinton Voters Using Specific Issues". The first one deals with Obama's overall weakness as a candidate, and the second one is about why Clinton voters, like me, should consider voting for John McCain. The links are below.

kmorrison said...

Thanks Susannah - Excellent articles.

Susannah said...

You're welcome. I'm so glad that you liked them. I just want to help out any way that I can. :-)