Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Odd Similarity Between McCain Supporters and Hillary Supporters

This may seem like a reach, but there is a sort of odd similarity between McCain supporters and Hillary Supporters. Though it is a limited comparison, circumstances in the McCain campaign and in the Clinton campaign have created this odd similarity. The start of the comparison begins early last summer when Senator McCain supported immigration legislation. Senator McCain wasn't just challenged on the merits of his position, which would have been fully understandable, but he was trashed by many for his position. He was called a traitor (particularly insulting to a military man) and he even received death threats. For months after that everyone, except McCain supporters, thought he was toast; and in reality there was no way that he 'should' have won the nomination. Everything was stacked against him. Right wingers did not like him, the media hammered him for his stance on Iraq, and there were constant predictions about when he would drop out of the race.

Sound oddly familiar? While there definitely are diffrences; Clinton got hammered in the media, while the press had a serious case of puppy love for Senator Obama. Many either pushed for, or predicted, her withdrawal from the race prior to the end of the primary season, and Senator Clinton was subject to attacks that went well beyond the bounds of common decency. Thus the similarity in the two candidate's supporters. They've both been told their candidate is done, and they've often become very defensive of their candidate because of the unfairness of the attacks. Finally, we're down to the current day comparison, which resides primarily with a frustration with the media. This comes from what appears to be a blatant bias for Senator Obama. If Senator Obama's ever changing record, and questionable associations were reported on in the main stream media the race would likely look a lot different than it does today.


MJMotley said...

Things have a habit of bleeding down from the top. I have noticed that each of their respective supporters have have been downright amicable towards towards eachother despite their vast differnces in policy stances. This a product I feel from the demostrated respect and admiration the candidates have of one another.

I submit the following as a demostration of what I am talking about.

I have posted a suggestion of a split ticket McCain/Clinton on some PUMA sites which been met with overwhelming positive response. While admittedly this have to overcome huge hurdles(mostly from both of the parties apparatchiks who cravenly put ideology over country)but may I submit, so does our country.

A Mac/Hill '08 would alot to heal this country.

kmorrison said...

mj - that's a great video. I agree respect is a huge tie between the two groups. Senator McCain has always stuck up for Senator Clinton even when other Republicans were bashing her.

I've heard the McCain/Clinton suggestion. While I think it's unlikely, it certainly is compelling, and a ticket I'd be happy to vote for.

Dembocommitteemember said...

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Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I agree that there are a lot of similarities and I am not so sure we are not far apart on the issues either. I know Hillary and Bill always talked about her friendship with McCain and she never really bashed him. She may say to us to vote Obama but she spent months telling us not to. I think she wants us to vote McCain because she likes McCain and hates Obama.

Stop Obama Express said...

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