Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama a Divider Not a Uniter

The most common complaint I receive on this web site is that some do not believe that I’m an Independent or a moderate. The reality is that I’m only a righty if you compare me to Barack Obama. While I lean a little right on economic issues, and lean a little left on social issues; Barack Obama is a full blown leftist, and I hesitate to say ‘liberal’ because that is too moderate a description. His rhetoric is that of a moderate, but that is not his record. Thomas Sowell in his article Negative Advertising vs. ‘Real Issues’ does an excellent job of laying out how Senator Obama’s record of extremism clearly defies his rehetoric of unity.

Barack Obama is much smoother. Instead of issuing explicit denials, he gives speeches that sound so moderate, so nuanced and so lofty that even some conservative Republicans go for them. How could anyone believe that such a man is the very opposite of what he claims to be– unless they check out the record of what he has actually done?

In words, Obama is a uniter instead of a divider. In deeds, he has spent years promoting polarization. That is what a “community organizer” does, creating a sense of grievance, envy and resentment, in order to mobilize political action to get more of the taxpayers’ money or to force banks to lend to people they don’t consider good risks, as the community organizing group ACORN did.

After Barack Obama moved beyond the role of a community organizer, he promoted the same polarization in his other roles.

That is what he did when he spent the money of the Woods Fund bankrolling programs to spread the politics of grievance and resentment into the schools. That is what he did when he spent the taxpayers’ money bankrolling the grievance and resentment ideology of Michael Pfleger.

When Barack Obama donated $20,000 to Jeremiah Wright, does anyone imagine that he was unaware that Wright was the epitome of grievance, envy and resentment hype? Or were Wright’s sermons too subtle for Obama to pick up that message?

How subtle is “Goddamn America!”?

Obama the Record of Divider

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