Friday, March 28, 2008

The Service to America Tour

On a blogger call today the McCain campaign announced the upcoming 'Service to America Tour'. It features stops in places, such as McCain field in Mississippi, Anapollis, and Pensacola Florida that were important places in the Senator McCain's life. Senator McCain is re-introducing himself to the American people through a bio tour that enuciates the roll service has played in his life.

Steve Schmidt, from the campaign, also answered several question about issues and the race. In reference to a question asked about Israel and foreign policy, Mr. Schmidt stated that it is unique situation that the the Democrat candidates have ignored the stated intention of the enemy, as the destruction of Israel has been explicitly stated as a goal by extremists. Also the economy came up, as Senator Obama recently stated that he planned to raise taxes only on the wealthy then classified the wealthy as anyone making more than $75,000 a year. Mr. Schmidt explained the burden that would put on middle class families and how tax hikes could devistate the economy. As Senator Obama recently made attacks against Senator McCain's economic policies, Mr. Schmidt noted that there is a detachment between the actions of Senator Obama and his rhetoric, as the style of attacks is classic old school politics, as opposed to the change in political discourse that his speeches promise. He pointed out that Senator McCain has the experience and the history of actually following through on real change that goes beyond rhetoric.

Purple People Vote - Service to America Tour

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